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Dr. Neal Kassell and Meredith Woo became engaged while on a flight to Venice, where he has traveled more than 50 times (several with her).

Credit... Jonathan Chance

Vincent M. Mallozzi

Published Nov. 26, 2021 Updated Nov. 28, 2021

Dr. Neal Frederic Kassell and Meredith Jung-En Woo, best of friends for years, were ambivalent about marriage as recently as three months ago. But on Sept. 9, while sitting next to each other on an airplane in relative silence, Dr. Kassell leaned over to say something to Ms. Woo, who was reading a book.

“Hey, should we get married,” he asked her somewhere over the Atlantic during a flight to Italy.

Ms. Woo looked up from her book and softly said, “Oh yeah, sure,” before continuing to read.