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Five of the core teens of MTV's Teen Wolf, all of whom look like very grown adults.

The cast of MTV’s Teen Wolf. Screenshot: MTV

In the years since MTV’s Teen Wolf came to a close in its sixth season back in 2017, fans haven’t been especially shy about expressing their desire for the series to return in one form or another. Because some of the show’s cast has similarly made clear that they’re open to the possibility of reprising their roles, it’s always seemed like a Teen Wolf revival could happen if MTV wanted it.

Though MTV might have been interested in the new Teen Wolf feature film that series creator Jeff Davis is working on, the powers that be at Viacom ultimately decided that the new project would be better suited for Paramount+. Variety reports that the new Teen Wolf movie is part of Davis’ recent overall deal with MTV Entertainment Studios, which will also see him heading up a new series adaptation of Edo Van Belkom’s Wolf Pack novels. While Wolf Pack also tells the story of a group of young people whose lives are forever changed by a chance encounter with werewolves, the novel has no direct connection with MTV’s Teen Wolf franchise, and it’s interesting that the studio’s going all in on lycanthropes.

Following Variety’s reports that multiple members of the original cast were in talks to return to the movie, actor Tyler Posey, who portrayed Scott McCall, tweeted out a teaser video about the projecting, suggesting that he’ll be back to star.

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The new Teen Wolf movie catches up with a now-adult Scott as he returns to Beacon Hills at a time when a new dangerous enemy begins to reveal itself and its plans to bring darkness and evil into the world. As an Alpha, Scott’s compelled to rally his fellow werewolves—but also all of the other sorts of magical, shape-shifting beings he’s encountered in his adventures—in order to band together against their new foe, who’s like nothing they’ve ever faced before.

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There’s no word yet on who else will return for the new Teen Wolf movie, or when it will hit Paramount+.

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